Residential Remedial Works

Residential Remedial Works will be required after a periodic or pre-purchase condition report has been carried out. The faults are classed as follows:

  • C1 – Danger Present, Urgent Attention Required
  • C2 – Potential for Danger, Requires Improvement
  • C3 – Does not comply but not Unsafe
  • FI – Requires further Investigation, may lead to C1 or C2

We will undertake quick and efficient rectification to bring your installations back into line with the current regulations.

Residential Remedial Works
Residential Remedial Electrical Works

We are happy to undertake works after inspection reports have been done by other companies. However we offer special rates if we have undertaken the reports ourselves.

Also, often we will pick up faults that other less experienced testers have overlooked or not noticed.

Typical remedial works might include:

  • Replacement consumer units
  • Electric shower safety works
  • Repairs to damaged power cables
  • Replace light fittings
  • Electric cooker and other kitchen appliances
  • External security lighting
  • Sockets and switches
  • Heating installations: thermostats, immersion heaters and time clocks
  • Bathroom works: shower points and fans
  • RCD protection
  • Earthing and bonding
  • Protection around enclosures

In the current environment it is essential to have all remedial works done quickly. And to the highest possible standards. A full test report and certificate will be issued for all remedial works undertaken.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements on any remedial works and your booking which can also be made here.

Our defect repair and remedial services make compliance with BS7671 an easy process for our clients.