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Periodic Electrical Inspection

What is a Periodic Electrical Inspection?

A Periodic Electrical Inspection is also known as an Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR), or even a domestic EICR. Over time, electrical installations deteriorate and therefore need to be tested regularly to ensure their safety.

At Hexo Services, we specialise in periodic inspection and testing, so we can help you keep your home or business working as it should be. While homeowners aren’t required by law to conduct periodic electrical testing, business owners and landlords are.

All landlords within the private rental sector have a 5 year electrical test legal requirement, so make sure you’re in the know about your obligations.

However, no matter who you are or what type of building you own, it’s always good practice to have a periodical test carried out regularly, in order to avoid accidents, damage or fires.

What is the purpose of a Periodic Electrical Inspection?

A Periodic Electrical Inspection involves a full examination of all the electrical systems within a building. The test will uncover any issues that need remedial work, before they can become dangerous.

During the electrical testing, we will check the general health of all the electrical systems in your property, including:

  • Mains panels
  • Distribution boards
  • Lighting
  • Sockets and outlets
  • All wiring, including fixed wiring

How often is a Periodic Electrical Inspection needed?

When it comes to how often a Periodic Electrical Inspection is needed, there are certain legal obligations. Depending on the type of property you own, you may need to have your electrical systems tested annually. 

There are different rules for business owners and landlords, so it’s important to know your legal obligations. However, regardless of your situation, if you are worried about the electrical safety of your property, Hexo Services can help. 

As a rule of thumb, a Periodic Electrical Inspection should be carried out:

New Government regulations kicked in on 1st June 2020. These make it mandatory for landlords within the private rented sector to have their electrical installations inspected every five years. This 5 year electrical test legal requirement should not be overlooked or ignored.

However, even if you don’t need to arrange a 5 year electrical check, it’s advisable to organise a periodic electrical inspection before a property is rented out to new tenants, and before a property is bought or sold.

What happens during a Periodic Electrical Inspection?

If you hire Hexo Services, your Periodic Electrical Inspection will be conducted by a fully trained and qualified engineer. 

Our technicians will visit your site to carry out an electrical wiring inspection, at a time that suits you. The electrical installation condition report (EICR) will involve checks of the fuse board or consumer unit, through to the fixed wiring in the walls.

During the EICR certificate examination, we will identify any issues and provide a coded observation for each. The four observation codes that can be found during an electrical safety report are:

  • Code C1 is the most severe observation code, so fast action is required. There is an immediate threat to the integrity of the building and the safety of those inside.
  • Code C2 means there is a potentially dangerous defect with your system and urgent remedial works are required
  • Code C3 is a lower-level code, which means ‘Improvement Recommended’. This means a non-regulatory issue has been identified or an element of the electrical installation could do with improving
  • Code FI highlights that further investigation is required. Generally, this means our engineer has found something that needs to be looked at in more depth.

Ficed wire testing

Remedial works for your Periodic Electrical Inspection

If any issues arise during the Periodic Electrical Inspection, we will carry out remedial works as quickly as possible, so you can get your business back up and running.

Once repair works have been carried out, EICR testing will be carried out again, to ensure the maintenance has been completed successfully. We can also offer supplementary services, such as:

  • Identification and labelling of distribution boards
  • Distribution layout schematic
  • Labelling and identification of circuit accessories (switches, sockets,etc.)
  • Labelling and identification of sub-main and main cables
  • Earthing layout schematic

Once your system has been repaired, we will then issue you with an Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC), or a Minor Works Certificate (MW), along with a satisfactory Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

What types of buildings do we test?

We can handle the booking of all types of periodic inspection and testing, working with:

  • Businesses
  • Offices
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Clinics and hospitals
  • Sports and fitness centres
  • Residential homes and housing blocks – and much more!

Periodic Electrical Inspection for Commercial Premises

At Hexo, we specialise in periodic electrical inspection for commercial premises, so whether you own an artisan coffee shop, an array of warehouses or an office block, we can ensure your property is safe and secure.

We can also work around you, attending your property at a time that suits your business hours and staff. Remedial works can also be arranged on the very same day, to avoid unnecessary disruption.

Periodic Electrical Inspections in London

We offer a range of EICR services, including Periodic Electrical Inspections in London and the South East. We can organise any remedial works in a timely manner and offer fast certificate turnaround times.

As one of the UK’s leading electrical services companies, we’re here to support you and make the process of electrical safety as smooth as possible.

Every service that we offer is performed with care and attention, and in compliance with COVID-19 protocols. We do our best to make sure that we bring peace of mind and ease of operation to your business.

How much does a Periodic Electrical Inspection cost?

So how much does a Periodic Electrical Inspection cost? Well, for residential buildings, the cost of an Electrical Installation Condition Report is based on the size of the property. However, for a commercial EICR, prices are based around the number of circuits in the premises.

We can provide a full breakdown of EICR costs, so there will be no nasty surprises and you can contact us to get a bespoke quote. Prices for our Periodic Electrical Inspections can be found here

To find out more, get in touch with us by emailing, or calling 0207 315 4151.

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