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Electrical Remedial Works

What is Electrical Remedial Works?

Electrical Remedial Works is a service for electrical work to be implemented on electrical outlets, wiring and systems to make them function optimally within your property once issues have been identified. The issues often come to light after some form of condition report has been conducted, such as an Electrical Inspection Condition Report or EICR.

If you choose Hexo Services to complete these repair works, they will all be carried out by a specialist electrical test engineer, in order to bring your installation back in line with the current regulations. Often, we will pick up on faults that other, less experienced testers may have overlooked.

Why do I need Electrical Remedial Works?

There are different classes of property that ‘classes’ that need to be maintained at all times for different reasons. Namely, these are residential properties and commercial premises so here’s a little more information about each of them:

Residential Electrical Remedial Works

When it comes to residential properties, each year, more than half of all accidental household fires in the UK are caused by faulty electrics. Such a shocking statistic highlights why it is essential that the equipment within all residential properties is regularly examined and effectively maintained. When the electrical systems in the homes you own/manage are well-maintained, there is a significant reduction in not only the risk to the building itself but also to the individuals who live there. Proving that your properties have the very best care and maintenance from a safety aspect will give you and your tenants peace of mind that your offering is superior to others on the market and far safer.

Typical residential electrical remedial work might include:

  • Replacement consumer units
  • Electric shower safety works
  • Repairs to damaged power cables
  • Replacement light fittings
  • External security lighting
  • Repairs to sockets and switches
  • Bathroom repairs: lights, shaver points
  • RCD and RCBO protection
  • Earthing and bonding
  • Protection around enclosures
  • General damage

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Commercial Electrical Remedial Works

In terms of commercial premises, there is a duty of care required from the business to ensure the workforce and any guests are kept safe at all times. Inferior, damaged or poorly maintained electrical systems can be one of the key causes of fires in the workplace, putting those within the property at risk. Furthermore, in the event of not just fires at the premises but also power outages as a result of the issues can incur massive costs. From the loss of production time to damaged machinery, damaged stock and delays in meetings, all of which have a huge negative impact on business. Regular inspection and thorough maintenance are crucial to reducing these risks from both a safety and a cost perspective.

Typical commercial electrical remedial work might include:

  • Replacement distribution boards and circuits
  • Electrical safety tests
  • Circuit repairs
  • Installation testing
  • Replacement light fittings
  • Replacement sockets and switches
  • Repairs to damaged cables
  • Installation of RCD protection
  • Earthing and bonding upgrades and installations
  • Circuit breakers and RCBOs
  • Protection around enclosures
  • Loose and damaged accessories

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How are Electrical Remedial Works conducted?

Depending on the severity of the issues identified in the report, some faults will be given priority. Ranging in severity, there are four observation codes that highlight the condition of your property’s electrical system. In order to achieve compliance, you will be required to repair any C1, C2 and FI faults immediately to ensure electrical safety. However, rectifying all errors, even those considered low risk, is best practice. The codes are as follows:

Observation Code C1

The most severe observation code, C1 means danger is present and there is an immediate threat to electrical safety. If you are given a C1 code, action is mandatory. In the event of a C1 code our engineer will issue you with a “Danger Notice” and will advise you on how we can competently repair the defect back to a satisfactory state.

Observation Code C2

C2 means there is a potentially dangerous defect with your electrical system and urgent corrective work is required. The issue probably is not an immediate concern, but it is likely to become dangerous if ignored.

Observation Code C3

Code 3 is a lower-level code defined as ‘Improvement Recommended’, which means a non-regulatory issue has been identified or an element of the installation is recommended to be improved. There is no immediate danger and a certificate can have a satisfactory outcome if there are only C3 observation codes reported on it.

Observation Code FI

The FI observation code highlights that further investigation into the system is required. This generally means our engineer has found something that needs to be looked at in more depth. You will be given an overall unsatisfactory report until the engineer can confirm whether the system is safe.

No matter what the issues identified are, we will undertake quick and efficient modifications to your electrical system, in order to render them compliant with BS 7671, the national standard for electrical installations. Once repair works have been carried out, the whole system will be examined again, to ensure the maintenance has been suitably completed.

Electrical Remedial Work by Hexo Services

At Hexo Services, we offer comprehensive electrical work safety testing and expert repairs to private homeowners or tenants, landlords, housing associations and business clients across London and the South East. We also undertake works that have previously been inspected or repaired by another company or professional. We offer special rates to repeat customers if businesses are instructed to undertake additional works. Under the new government regulations, landlords have 28 days to arrange remedial works. But at Hexo, we can arrange for regular customers to complete repairs on the very same day, reducing the number of bookings needed, minimising disruption for your tenants or staff and limiting your costs.

Once your system has been repaired, we will then issue you with an Electrical Installation Certificate (EICR), or a Minor Works Certificate (MW), along with a satisfactory Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). This is proof that your system is up-to-date, safe and compliant.

Our expert engineers will also make suggestions and offer advice on improving the efficiency, functionality and operation of your existing systems. We offer out-of-hours appointments, so you can choose a time that suits you, allowing your business operations to continue with minimal disruption.

To find out more, get in touch with us by emailing, or calling 0207 315 4151.

Prices for our Commercial Electrical Remedial Works Service can be found here and it’s easy to make a booking.

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