Commercial Electrical Installation Condition Report

Commercial Electrical Installation Condition Report is one of the main services we offer. Our specialist Commercial Inspection And Testing for businesses and industry provides reassurance as to the safety of your electrical systems and compliance with BS7671.

Our main Commercial Inspection And Testing Service is the Electrical Installation Condition Report or Periodic Inspection Report. We attend once per year and conduct our inspection and test on 20% of the wiring across all of the distribution boards in your premises. This means that every 5 years all of your wiring and circuit accessories have been inspected. Also we will have visited every distribution board each year which is important from a safety aspect.

Commercial Electrical Installation Condition Report
Inspection Report

We issue an Electrical Installation Condition Report each year after our visit. And this is sent to the client in both an electronic and paper format along with any other information that needs drawing to the client’s attention.

Areas where supplementary services are recommended are:

  • Labelling and identification of circuit accessories (switches, sockets, isolators etc)
  • Identification and labelling of distribution boards
  • Labelling and identification of Sub main and main cables
  • Distribution layout schematic
  • Earthing layout schematic

Along with the 5-Year Electrical Installation Condition Report, Custom Commercial Electrical Inspection and testing is offered.

Services can be booked for during the days or for over weekends or night shifts to reduce the disruption for the client. This is because electrical circuits will need to be isolated during the testing process.

See further for a full schedule of rates for commercial inspection and testing along with bookings which can be made here.

Please do contact us with your enquiries for larger installations and contract works.

We offer a defect repair and remedial service to make compliance with BS7671 an easy process for our clients.