Why Portable Appliance Testing is a Must for your Safety

Why Portable Appliance Testing is a Must for your Safety


Every year thousands of incidents and fatal injuries are reported caused by faulty electrical appliances. The leading cause most often is a lack of knowledge about the safety parameters and use of electrical appliances. For this reason, the UK government has introduced Portable Appliance Testing, commonly known as PAT Testing. PAT testing is the inspection of the dependability and safety of electrical appliances. This can be done by visual examination that includes looking for frayed cables, damaged insulation and broken sockets, ensuring whether the neutral wires are adequately grounded, making sure that appliances are not broken, and live parts of the appliance are guarded properly. Along with visual testing, special electrical instruments are designed for a detailed inspection, and the results are documented to minimize future risk factors.

Work Regulations 1989 of the British Law and Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations of 1999 requires the instruments to be checked and appropriately inspected to make sure that the appliances are safe, hence ensuring the safety of consumers and workers.

How to carry out PAT Testing

Many appliances can be deemed safe and unsafe by looking for visual defects in them like looking for damaged cables and broken devices, verification of the earthed cables and soundness of insulated parts. But it is highly advisable to seek out the help of a professional person having adequate knowledge on how to carry out the inspection. Many companies are offering the services of carrying out PAT inspection. You can reach out to them and get your appliances checked.

The type of PAT testing involves visual testing, earth bond test, high current bond test, insulation test and many more like these.

PAT Testing devices and Equipment

There are many devices present in the markets that range from basic ones to the professional ones to perform the inspection. If you are a beginner in Pat testing, the basic ones are perfect for you as they have all the necessary tools to carry out with detailed guidelines. The companies and qualified individuals use the professional ones.

PAT testing devices come in three categories;

· Basic ones that can carry out up to 300 tests but don’t have the option to download the data. They are perfect for someone new to testing.

· Mid-range devices come with more features than basic one and can be used to carry out more than 300 tests.

· The professional ones are used by skilled professionals and companies offering services in PAT Testing.

PAT Testing Regulations

Where this testing is not a legal requirement, the law still states that the employers and landlords, as well as tenants, need to make sure that the devices in use are safe and suitable to use. Guidelines are also there to ensure the certainty that the consumer knows how to use the device and what to do in case of any hazard. Not complying with the regulations can land you in prison for six months. You can also be fined up to £5,000 that can be increased to £20,000 depending upon the severity of the condition.


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