EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Report

EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Report

EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Report

An EICR is an electrical installation condition report. It is also known as a Landlord safety test or a homebuyer’s test.


Does everyone need an EICR?

Whether you are a homeowner or if you are considering this for your business or rental property, you should invest in an EICR. Any electrical installation should be covered by an EICR that is in date. Even though this is not a legal requirement, other legal documents may refer to an Electrical Condition Report as a mandatory requirement itself. One such legality is the Electricity at Work Act.


Who should worry about this? 

In short, everyone! However, this is most important for those that rent out properties. This is something that a lot of people tend to ignore because it is not mandated by law, but is an essential document that can prove quite useful in the long run. For example, a tenant is electrocuted because of an unsafe electric item/machine; then the landlord can be prosecuted based on neglect. To license the renting out of many properties, some areas even mandate a landlord to invest in an EICR. Some insurance companies also require that you produce this report before they provide coverage, and this applies more so when the general public or any employees are to be considered.


What happens in an EICR? 

During an EICR inspection, the fuse board, all electrical accessories, and the wiring of a house or property are tested and inspected. This is to find any faults and any deviations from the standards in place. Some of the main things that are tested are:

  • The earthing and bonding
  • Devices that protect against electric shock and fire hazards
  • The damage or wear which might affect residents’ or employees’ safety
  • ID of the damaged electrical accessories or fittings
  • Any lives wires and their identification


Why is this a good investment? 

A lot of faults that can cause significant harm such as fires or electrical shocks cannot be seen by the naked eye or even by a layman. It is essential for thorough testing and vetting to be done to ensure that the faults that cannot be seen easily are picked up by the tests. Because EICRs are carried out by skilled professionals and registered electricians, they can provide an in-depth insight and feedback into the electrical wiring of a house or property.


Who conducts an EICR? 

An EICR report requires a lot of skill, so it should only be carried out by licensed and registered officials. Even though a lot of people can be electricians, not all electricians are the same. An authorized individual that can conduct an EICR test has probably taken courses covering periodic inspection and testing. They will also be registered with the relevant authorities such as JIB. They will also have an excellent working knowledge of their field, and will also have a lot of experience in EICR and electrical installations. Call now to book your EICR with Hexo Services on 0207 3154151. You can see more about this aspect of our services at Commercial EICR or Residential EICR .