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Business Owners: What You Need To Know About Electrical Compliance

Business Owners: What You Need To Know About Electrical Compliance

Business Owners: What You Need To Know About Electrical Compliance

All business premises must be compliant with BS 7671, the national standard for electrical installations. So, in the same way you regularly visit the dentist to ensure there are no issues with your teeth, you should also habitually have the condition of your property’s electrical systems examined.

For this, you need a Commercial Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). This will allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of the condition of the electrical system in your building. EICRs are a vital part of business maintenance and can help you highlight any problems before they become hazardous.

Achieving Compliance

We attend business premises every five years, in order to carry out Commercial Electrical Installation Condition Reports. 100% of the electrical installation is tested. All CEICs come with an in-depth list of coded observations, revealing any problems, or possible problems, that your engineer has found. They range in severity and are as follows: Code C1, C2, C3 and FI.

If any issues are discovered, remedial works will be needed to rectify the problems. In order to make sure your business is compliant with BS 7671, you must repair any C1, C2 and FI faults quickly. Then, once maintenance has been completed, the system will be tested once again, to ensure the works have been successful. You can also arrange for an engineer to attend once a year to test 20% of the wiring, across all of the distribution boards in your building.

How we Can Help

The Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), or Periodic Inspection Report, is the main Commercial Inspection and Testing Service we offer. This is an official document that will be produced after the examination. The inspection covers everything from plug sockets to lighting, highlighting any problems that need to be addressed. We will take care of what you need to know about electrical compliance

We can then carry out any necessary remedial works, in order to render your premise compliant with BS 7671. From book shops to care homes, we can help all business owners with these essential safety checks. As well as Electrical Installation Condition Reports, we can also carry out Custom Commercial Electrical Inspections and Testing.

We can carry out your inspection at a time that works best for you as a business owner. This includes evening and weekend appointments, so you can reduce disruption to your customers and staff, and carry on with business as usual.